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Roof Cleaning Ocala, Florida

Roof cleaning

Need roof cleaning in Ocala? YouSplash Pressure washing is here for you! Whether it be for a residential home or a business or commercial property, we will wash your roof thoroughly and carefully! 

We wash all types of roofs like sloped roofs, flat roofs, roofs with tile and shingles and metal roofs. No matter how big or small of a project you have in mind, we got you covered! 

Yousplash pressure washing is locally owned and operated and proud to help our Ocala neighbors revive their roofs. If you are looking to get rid of those ugly black streaks, you have come to the right address! Call us today for a free estimate on your next roof washing project. 

What is a soft wash roof cleaning and why is it safer for your roof?

Soft washing is the preferred method for roof cleaning on metal, shingles, concrete, clay and more. But what exactly is soft washing and why is it safer for your roof? 

Soft washing uses lower pressure and specialized cleaner to remove stains, mold, dirt, algae and moss from roofs. 

The water and the cleaner will loosen the stain after which it is carefully removed by a gentle stream of water. The soaking time of the special soap depends on how deep the dirt is embedded and the type of material of the roof. 

Soft cleaning a roof, especially a roof with shingles, is the best, more delicate choice for roof cleaning because it is a much gentler way of cleaning them and keeping them intact. When using a high-pressure washer for cleaning roof shingles, it can damage the roof by blowing away pellets of the roof. 

Soft washing works well for concrete and metal too, since it gets them sparkling clean without damaging them because of high pressure. 

Soft washing a roof works basically for all types of roofs, residential and commercial. 

Another great benefit of soft washing is that it’s gentler for the environment too, using biodegradable soap that doesn’t harm your landscape. 

With all the benefits of soft washing a roof, no wonder that the locals of Ocala chose YouSplash Pressure washing for all their roof cleaning projects. 

How much does roof cleaning cost?

Roof cleaning is something that is mostly done by professionals and not by the homeowners themselves. Depending on the size, the slope and the material of the roof, homeowners pay professional pressure washing companies an average of about $400-$600 for soft cleaning

Now, there are many benefits involved in regular roof cleaning. 

By regular roof washing, you will extend the life of your roof because those dirty black streaks are actually bacteria that infiltrate in your roof, causing a lot of damage. So you’ll save a lot of money in the long run by hiring a professional roof washing company yearly instead of paying the cost of replacing your entire roof! 

Homeowners insurance or any other type of insurance that covers your roof’s warranty requires regular cleaning of your roof, so a receipt from a professional roof cleaning company like us is a great way to ensure you will be covered when you do need a roof replacement.

Get your Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Today

Remember that YouSplash Pressure washing offers many other services besides roof washing. We offer driveway pressure washing, sideway cleaning, gutter cleaning, oil stain removal, solar panel cleaning and house washing. 


There are many benefits of hiring YouSplash Pressure Washing for your roof washing need, including:

We are licensed, bonded and insured

No need to risk your life, leave it to professionals

We take the best safety precautions

The level of experience is unmatched 

We use the best cleaning products and state of the art equipment 


Check out our many 5-star customer reviews to see what our satisfied clients have to say and then give us a call if you are ready to revive your roof today! 

We are the best pressure washing professionals in Ocala, and we’re here to help! 

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