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 Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning Ocala, FL

Welcome to YouSplash Pressure washing! We are your one stop-shop for all your cleaning needs in Ocala and surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of services that include but are not limited to pressure washing, house washing, soft wash, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, rust removal, commercial building washing, parking lot cleaning, graffiti removal and much more. 

If you are looking to give your home or property complete makeover, without having to call around to several companies, you can count on us, since we understand that every home is unique and has its own set of challenges which is why you need custumized solutions.  

When you hire us, you can rely on the job being done right the first time because our team of professionals has many years of experience and a passion for cleaning! 

It’s our mission to make a top priority out of customer satisfaction and with our industry knowledge and investments in best equipment we can ensure you that we can provide you with the best possible exterior cleaning service in Ocala! 

We are licensed, bonded and insured and we are eager to help you in any way we can! Give us a call today to get a free estimate. 

About Us 

As the owner of Yousplash Pressure washing, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to check out our website.  I have been in the pressure washing industry for many years now. I started this business due to a burning desire to beautify the community of Ocala.  Having lived in Ocala all my life, I’ve seen many houses lose so much value due to lack of maintenance. Here in central Florida humidity can be extremely high, allowing algae, mold, and rust to accumulate on the exterior surfaces of homes and buildings.  Keeping your home or business's exterior clean is a must here in Ocala. 

Our team has a strong passion for cleaning and we love to serve each of our customers. We have built up a strong reputation of excellence with homeowners, fellow contractors, and business owners who can vouch for the services that we offer. 

Our mission is to keep Ocala clean. We want residents to take pride in where they live, and local businesses to prosper. Maintaining a clean exterior is essential to keeping our community clean. 


Pressure washing is the best way to spruce up your home or property and enhance its curb appeal. We recommend cleaning your home’s exterior at least once a year, to keep it looking great and to prevent mold and other little particles from digging into the surface of your home, roof, or driveway. 

House Washing
House Washing
Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Driveway Washing
Driveway Washing
Sidewalk Cleaning
Sidewalk Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Soft Washing
Soft Washing


We understand it can be hard to choose a pressure washing company.  There are so many pressure washers here in Ocala.  When you choose us to service you, rest assured you have made the right choice!.

 Reasons to choose Yousplash Pressure Washing: 

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your exterior cleaning needs in Ocala and surrounding areas.  

Our team is constantly educating themselves on the best and newest pressure washing strategies. 

When you choose us, you are investing in the best in the industry. We truly go above and beyond for each customer, doesn’t matter how big or small the job. We know and understand that every home or property is unique and has its own set of challenges. We effectively troubleshoot any possible challenges, and work in a timely manner without having to sacrifice quality of service!

 Did we mention that we are locally owned, licensed, bonded and insured? 

customer service

Outstanding Customer Service

on time

Always On Time


Great Communication


Quality Work

How does pressure cleaning work?

Pressure washing uses high-pressure water on different surfaces that need cleaning. The high-powered water can clean off all dirt, grime, algae, mold, and other little particles that infiltrate the surface. 

Pressure washing can release even the most hard to reach spots that would be imposible to reach with regular cleaning. There are many surfaces that can be cleaned with pressure washing and soft washing, including patios, garages floors, driveways, exterior buildings, slidings, roofs, gutters, parking lots, garages, furniture, grills, and fences. 

It’s best to hire a professional pressure washing company since they have experience and know what surfaces need soft washing and what surfaces can use pressure washing. 

When you hire us for pressure cleaning, you can rest assured that the job will be done effectively and in a timely manner, without you having to risk your life climbing on your roof. 

When you need a high-pressure cleaning service in Ocala, Call Yousplash Pressure washing! 

We take pride in providing you with the best pressure washing cleaning service in Ocala! 

Call us today to get started. 

Reasons to pressure wash your home and business in Ocala

Regular pressure washing is imperative, especially when you live in a tropical humid climate like in Ocala, Florida. There is a good reason why people in Florida don’t shy away from spending money on the best power washing and pressure cleaning company in Ocala. Pressure cleaning has many great advantages, one of which is keeping your property value up. If you decide to sell your home down the line, you could get a great deal with market prices rising, but only if you keep up with the exterior cleaning of your home. 

A regular pressure wash helps with:

Improving curb appeal

Prevents home damage 

Keeps property value up

Saves time and money 

Health benefits

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Things you should never pressure wash 

We have talked about all the surfaces that you CAN pressure or soft wash, but there are also a couple of items that you should never pressure wash, including electric panels, asphalt shingles, vehicles, outdoor lighting and more. 

It’s best to always consult with a professional pressure washing company like Yousplash Pressure washing to gather more information on whether or not you can pressure wash something.